Special Education Resources

If your child receives help in Language Arts (READING, SPELLING, & WRITING):

Scholastic READ 180 Next Generation program is being used for our Resource Room and Title I students who need specialized Language Arts instruction. READ 180 utilizes the best of what is known about raising achievement for struggling readers and writers. Students receive differentiated instruction in a small group setting, individualized software which addresses reading, writing, spelling, and independent reading time.

Homework is assigned Tuesday and due Thursday.

If your child receives help in MATH:

Scholastic “Do the Math” is the math program utilized for our struggling math learners. “Do the Math” focuses on essential content in mathematics, organized into manageable chunks, so that students are not overwhelmed. It is carefully sequenced to help students build a solid math foundation.

“Every Day Counts Calendar Math” is a supplemental math program building upon concepts a little at a time, every day. Different monthly elements provide a continuous learning experience in which students examine mathematical relationships central to the math curriculum.

Math homework is assigned Monday and due Thursday.

Who’s Who in the Resource Room?

Jan Wilkinson
Deb Spiller

Carol Taylor
Jennifer Dourant
Alex Poirier

The staff of the MCSS resource room strives to mix instruction with consistency, high expectations, nurturing, and a good dose of humor. If you have questions regarding your child’s special education program, please call us at (207) 474-9822 Ext. 3223.